Boutique Hotel Villa Mayr[en]

A pleasurable environment

Come in. Breath out. You are finally on holiday, you can finally relax.
You are finally a guest at Villa Mayr, the Boutique Hotel in Vahrn near Brixen.

History & architecture

If these walls could talk, about long-forgotten times?
A house with an eventful past, a promising present and an auspicious future.

A small journey through time

History & architecture

FBreakfast & cuisine

The best part of being on holiday? The food.
It is good that your host Robert puts passion and love into his cooking and your Host Edith has a true talent for the sweet side of life.

Pleasure for your senses

Breakfast & cuisine

Location & arrival

Not far from Brixen, but in a quiet location.
Perfect for relaxing, lingering and going for a stroll.
You can find us here.

Have a good journey!

Location & arrival