Activities in Vahrn and vicinity

Journey of discovery

The best thing in life is the moment. Always enjoy it wherever you are right now. 365 days a year. If you fancy more than just a typical holiday in South Tyrol, Varna is the place to be. The perfect holiday destination for culture lovers, nature enthusiasts and everyone who is keen on experiencing something new.

A journey of discovery through Vahrn

Walking around the idyllic Lake Varna. Watch the grape vines ripen.
Within 60 minutes by car, collect new impressions and memories.

Let’s go!


Cultural treasures & the shopping mile in Brixen

Museums, points of interest and romantic arbour alleys.
Let yourself be enchanted by pure culture and shop windows.

Pure culture

Cultural treasures & the shopping mile in Brixen


Sway to the music and dance; marvel and admire, anticipation and enjoyment.
For pleasure, for life, for now.



A winter fairy tale: Skiing and more

Dash down the slopes on your skis and try out freestyle.
Try out cross-country skiing and feel the silence.

Snow enjoyment

A winter fairy tale

A summer adventure: Hiking & MTB

Climb up the mountains, listen to the marmots whistle.
With a MTB off the beaten path.

Sun pleasure

A summer adventure

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